Thursday, 2 April 2015

March Model Feedback!

Talent Management and Models Direct

The sole aim of modelling agencies is to sell to a particular audience. The best campaigns and agents choose models that represent the audience they are selling to. Alternatively, they represent what the audience wants to be like themselves. Here is some feedback from models who joined up with Talent Management, Models Direct's parent company, regarding recent assignments.

Models Direct Reviews


My first assignment on behalf of Talent Management was brilliant - the staff were super friendly and made it a very comfortable experience. It was also a great laugh as the other actors and all the staff were amazing. I would 100% do it again as it is highly enjoyable! The best part of the assignment was most times "cut" was called as something funny had been said or happened... i.e the camera nearly falling of the truck! We assisted with a car illusion based on a moving truck with a celebrity. This experience has built my confidence level back to how it used to be when I was a dancer and I'm highly appreciative for the opportunity.

Talent Management Reviews

The filming assignment was an absolute blast right from the moment we arrived on set! It was nice to be in amongst a relatively large group of actors and models who quickly bonded into a fun group. The Production company were very welcoming and looked after us all magnificently throughout the entire project. We got to see a very professional team up-close, and it was fascinating to be able to observe first-hand the process by which they set about completing their task (which we are still sworn to secrecy about!)
I would absolutely not hesitate to recommend anybody to join the Talent Management roster - if you get a gig like the one we've just completed, you'll have more fun than you thought possible and lasting memories and friendships to cherish... :0)

Watch this video from Models Direct to find out more about modelling in the UK!

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