Thursday, 28 August 2014

Models Direct Review

Naomi Shalom Reflects on her Recent Job through Models Direct

Models Direct are an established UK-based modelling agency offering dedicated service to aspiring talent. 

This is what Naomi had to say about her first day on the job!

"The day in itself was a brilliant success for both myself and the client. I think the team were very pleased with the outcome and were very helpful with directing and communicating what they wanted from the shoot. I felt confident that the client was satisfied and we had a good laugh.the most enjoyable part was wearing the beautiful dresses and being able to act naturally in front of the camera. I was asked to do a variety of poses and expressions and I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere we worked in. I would like to say thank you to Avalon for having me and to Molly from Talent Management for being so supportive. I would recommend this to anyone looking to gain professional experience in an artistic career such as modelling. It was the fun, relaxed yet professional atmosphere from today that reminded me why I joined talent management.  Thank you guys!"

models direct
Models Direct
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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Models Direct Reviews

Models Direct 

Models Direct Reviews

Models Direct are one of the longest established agencies in the UK. Here is a fantastic review about our Talent Management services from a recent client in their own words! To sign up with Models Direct visit the Models Direct website.

Vanessa Wong
Hi all,

I was very pleased when I received a call from Talent Management last week, offering me 3 days worth of promotional work in my area on behalf of Adonis (a touring male glamour show).  I was not nervous beforehand as I have a plenty of experience in promotional work, but I was definitely curious as to how the general public would react to this type of event.

models direct
Models Direct
Myself and a male model from Talent Management were required to put up a large amount of Adonis posters in shop windows and on the streets of Great Yarmouth (ahead of their show in the area), as well as handing out flyers to female locals and tourists.  We enthusiastically engaged with as many people as possible about the event, with a view to get them to purchase tickets.

I thoroughly enjoyed the assignment - particularly getting into character as somebody who is passionate about male cabaret shows, and seeing women's reactions to the raunchy flyers!

I would recommend promotional work to anyone looking to earn some good money on the side whilst having fun - particularly to those who enjoy social interaction, or are looking to develop those skills.

Signing up with Talent Management is a decision I will never regret. Their clients are some of the biggest, well known and reputable company's in the UK - and it wouldn't be possible to work alongside them without the help and exposure TM offer to their models.  From dealing with the registrations department right up to my booking agent, I have always been satisfied with the high standard of customer service. I can't thank Talent Management enough for their friendly yet professional approach in sourcing me fun and well paid modelling assignments.  Many more to come I hope! 

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Friday, 1 August 2014

Models Direct Reviews

Models Direct Reviews

Models Direct has been established over 20 years in the UK. They are a talent management company with a difference - they work harder than anyone in the industry to get you the modelling and acting jobs you want! Find out more about Models Direct on their Facebook page, and the Models Direct twitter page. Read the official Models Direct blog here.

Saadia Stuart

This assignment was very enjoyable - I was not nervous beforehand and I enjoyed meeting the other models who were friendly and interesting.  The most enjoyable part of the day was being photographed whilst engaging in improvised short scenes, requiring interaction with the other models. We were asked to pretend to be a family group engaging in different activities, which would promote the company. I would recommend this experience to others if they are interested in modelling - you need to be confident, flexible, cooperative and sociable.

If anyone is thinking of joining Talent Management, I would advise them to be as proactive as possible on the website, otherwise you could wait months or even years before being called.  I joined Talent Management because they were encouraging and actively work to find me suitable assignments. I would very much like to have more opportunities to model or to act.

Anthony Coyne

I had an enjoyable shoot yesterday with Avalon Untamed Vodka - great crew to work with and the set was interesting.  It was very different to previous assignments I have been on, which provides a bit of intrigue.  A good experience - thank you Talent Management!

Jake Watson

This was my first job via Talent Management and I hope it is the first of many.  I got a last minute call for a shoot in London and after agreeing to the job I received all the relevant documentation very swiftly with all the correct info including the postcode and contact numbers. The client I was shooting for was very professional and the day went as smoothly as can be hoped for.  I was modelling for a high end floristry company in London alongside 3 other guys who were all a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend anyone to sign up with Talent Management and I hope to receive many further jobs through them.