Tuesday 18 July 2017

9 things you need to be a Models Direct model

What does it take to become a successful model? In this latest post Models Direct lays out the 9 steps you should take if you want fame on the catwalk.

  1. Confidence
  2. A ‘thick skin’
  3. Stamina
  4. Independence
  5. Organisation
  6. Willpower
  7. Availability and responsiveness
  8. Fashion
  9. Persistence
Read the full article here and get the inside knowledge from the UK's leading modelling agency.

Thursday 2 April 2015

March Model Feedback!

Talent Management and Models Direct

The sole aim of modelling agencies is to sell to a particular audience. The best campaigns and agents choose models that represent the audience they are selling to. Alternatively, they represent what the audience wants to be like themselves. Here is some feedback from models who joined up with Talent Management, Models Direct's parent company, regarding recent assignments.

Models Direct Reviews


My first assignment on behalf of Talent Management was brilliant - the staff were super friendly and made it a very comfortable experience. It was also a great laugh as the other actors and all the staff were amazing. I would 100% do it again as it is highly enjoyable! The best part of the assignment was most times "cut" was called as something funny had been said or happened... i.e the camera nearly falling of the truck! We assisted with a car illusion based on a moving truck with a celebrity. This experience has built my confidence level back to how it used to be when I was a dancer and I'm highly appreciative for the opportunity.

Talent Management Reviews

The filming assignment was an absolute blast right from the moment we arrived on set! It was nice to be in amongst a relatively large group of actors and models who quickly bonded into a fun group. The Production company were very welcoming and looked after us all magnificently throughout the entire project. We got to see a very professional team up-close, and it was fascinating to be able to observe first-hand the process by which they set about completing their task (which we are still sworn to secrecy about!)
I would absolutely not hesitate to recommend anybody to join the Talent Management roster - if you get a gig like the one we've just completed, you'll have more fun than you thought possible and lasting memories and friendships to cherish... :0)

Watch this video from Models Direct to find out more about modelling in the UK!

Friday 27 February 2015

Models Direct Talent Feedback

Models Direct Talent Feedback from Ty and Morgan

With such a wide variety of clients and assignments, Models Direct particularly loved this job that our models Ty and Morgan had late last year. It was a shoot that was used by Disney and we got these lovely notes from the kids and their parents. Both received £200 for their work.

Ty attended his second assignment from Talent Management.  This, again, was for Disney Infinity.  As before, the crew made Ty feel absolutely welcome. Some of the crew we recognised from the previous shoot so it was nice to see them again. Ty said "I also had a partner to work with this time called Morgan, so it was nice to have someone my own age there. Victoria and the crew just put me at ease straightaway, giving me all the confidence I needed. I'm really enjoying the experience - thanks Talent Management!"

Models Direct

I had a day video shoot for Disney Infinity  I was doing hand modelling for a new game commercial and was even given a manicure!  I got there an hour early and everyone was so nice helpful and friendly.   Breakfast, lunch and snacks were provided throughout the day.  I was a little nervous beforehand but I soon relaxed as everyone was so nice.  I thoroughly enjoyed my modelling experience through Talent Management and would love to do more.   Molly has been so helpful, informative and organised. Thank you Molly and Talent Management - can't wait for the next one!

To find out more about Models Direct and our parent company Talent Management visit our website for the latest modeling jobs and resources regarding the modeling business in general. You may also like to look at the Models Direct boards on Pinterest and watch the video below!

Friday 30 January 2015

Models Direct Reviews

Models Direct Recent Talent Feedback 

With dozens of new modelling jobs coming in every week, Models Direct are one of the best known modelling agencies in the UK. Unlike some agencies, we have real offices and real agents. Here are a selection of the emails that Talent Management and Models Direct received from models in the last month. 

Models Direct

"I wasn't nervous about the assignment, although it had been a long time since I did anything similar. I had the best time - Chris our photographer was so easy to work for, with clear instructions, and Sophie his assistant who helped to choose the outfits was just lovely. My two fellow models were great to work with.

The assignment was for a website and brochure for a lovely care home for which we posed as residents. The shoot required us to arrange flowers, do some baking, play bridge, use a computer and enjoy afternoon tea.  We were asked to have big smiles and then hold the pose, as it was all photographic stills.  

It was such good fun with great people that I did not want it to end and I can't wait for my next assignment. I am so glad that I joined Talent Management, I wish I had done it before. Do join, you will have fun!"

Emma, Brighton

"I have been working as a model for Talent Management for three years and this assignment was by far the most enjoyable. The care home shoot was organised to perfection (with no waiting around at all!), the location was very impressive and the food was excellent. It was a pleasure to work with Pat again and with Emma and Jade for the first time - I am sure they would agree it was a very happy team.  The crew (Chris, Sophie and Laura) were very friendly and knew exactly what they required and got it from us in a very easy manner. I would be very happy to work with them anytime."

Herb, Oxford

If you want to find out more about Models Direct or Talent Management, please feel free to drop us a message through Facebook or our website, and also watch the video below to find out more about our company. With almost 25 years modelling industry experience, Models Direct connect models and business every day of the year.

Friday 2 January 2015

Models Direct Reviews

Models Direct 

The modelling industry is bigger than ever before. Every day Models Direct post dozens of new assignments in every niche of modelling. Whether you have experience in body parts modelling, fashion modelling or live modelling, there will be an assignment that suits you perfectly. Models Direct are one of the UK's largest and most established modelling agencies. We are UK Government Regulated and have real offices in Norwich staffed by professional employment consultants. With an eye to 2015, we thought we'd look back on some reviews we had from parents of child models in 2014 and hope that our shared successes will continue to flourish in this new year. As many of you will know, Talent Management are the parent company under which Models Direct operate. More information on this can be found in the video at the bottom of this post! 

"I registered Stanley with Talent Management because everyone kept saying that Stanley is a beautiful baby and that he should get into modelling. I chose Talent Management because they are friendly and professional and are dedicated to their client's needs. I also like the fact that I can track Stanley's progress and update his portfolio online. Stanley has just attended his first photographic shoot on behalf of a company called Kit for Kids, and I have to say it was a great experience! I was a little nervous on arrival as I did not know what to expect but the shoot was professionally run and we received guidance all the way through. The babies were rested when they needed to be and the whole shoot was tailored towards ensuring that the babies were content. Stanley thoroughly enjoyed himself and I had a proud mummy moment watching him smiling and posing for the camera! I would definitely recommend this experience to others."

Models Direct

"Grace loved being a model for a two day photo shoot at a caravan dealership. She was extremely excited beforehand and also when she arrived on set. Grace was directed to do a variety of natural posses with her model family (mum, dad, brother and grandparents) in and out of the caravans and around the holiday area of Skegness. Grace particularly enjoyed being in the caravans and pretending that she was on holiday and showed confidence throughout the whole experience. Grace said that she would recommend being a model to any of her friends and from a parents point of view, the experience has been one that Grace will remember forever and it's been an absolute delight to see her so happy and to have seen her confidence grow in leaps and bounds. I have already recommended Talent Management to a few friends who have asked about how to put their children forward for such experiences. I would like to thank Talent Management for giving Grace such a fantastic opportunity to carry out her ambition of being a model."

If you are interested in finding out more about Models Direct and Talent Management, follow us on Tumblr and visit the Jobs Board on the Models Direct website to see the latest modelling assignments as they are posted. Additionally, the video below will tell you more about our company. We hope you all have a great 2015!

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Models Direct: Modelling Jobs

Personal Care for Male Models

Models Direct are a leading government regulated employment agency specialising in talent and modelling jobs. Find out more about them on the Models Direct website. Having been around for over two decades they know the industry better than most. Here are some simple tips for male models in their morning rituals.

For any model, your personal care routine is the most important part of the day and in male modelling, a clean shave is often required. Always shave in the direction that the hair grows on your face, this is known as shaving with the grain. Shaving against the grain can cause reddish skin irritation known as razor burn so following your shave, apply a moisturising aftershave balm that doesn't contain oil or alcohol. Oil will clog the pores of the skin, and alcohol will dry it. You will be able to see when the skin is tight and elastic by inspecting your look in a mirror under bright, but not harsh, lighting. Always cleanse your skin with an exfoliating product to remove any dead cells. To prepare your face for shaving, rinse thoroughly with warm water, then use a shaving cream or gel containing vitamin A or Aloe Vera. Vitamin A and Aloe Vera will keep your skin moist and soft.
Models Direct
Models Direct
Always use a new blade for shaving because used blades can pull at the hair and cause cuts as the uneven surface drags over the skin. Also, always shave in the direction that the hair grows on your face (which is known as shaving with the grain). Shaving against the grain can cause reddish skin irritation known as razor burn. Following your shave, apply a moisturising aftershave balm that doesn't contain oil or alcohol. Oil will clog the pores of the skin, and alcohol will dry the skin.

With new jobs coming in every day, Models Direct are one of the most active modelling agencies around. Find out more about modelling jobs and what Models Direct can offer in the video below.

Thursday 23 October 2014

Models Direct FAQs

How Does Models Direct Work

Models Direct are Europe's leading talent and modelling agency. A diverse range of models of all ages and a long list of impressive clients make Models Direct the success it is today. The most frequently asked questions they regularly receive are "How do I get involved?" and "How do I hire a model?"

Models Direct
Models Direct

 "How do I get involved?"

If you're interested in becoming a model or just getting work in the media, you will automatically fall into a category of modelling going by your attributes, age, gender, and so forth. Look at the Models Direct website to see where you best fit in and fill out the short application form to receive a call back. The flow of jobs Models Direct receives is enormous and the Jobs Board changes almost on a daily basis so its a good idea to keep an eye on it!
Models Direct
Models Direct

"How do I hire a model?"

Models Direct have been supplying models for over 20 years and are UK Gvnt Regulated as an employment agency. Clients are asked to provide a detailed brief of the model they're looking for and an outline of the job. To hire a model simply complete the form on the Models Direct website or call (+44)08443340000 to submit your requirements. Remember, the more information you give the quicker a suitable model can be booked!

For more information on Models Direct, watch the video below or check them out on Facebook for modelling jobs and news.