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We have been the most hard working modelling agency in the UK for the past 10 years. Here are two real reviews, one by a male modelling client and one female modelling client about working for our client Level 39. These are real reviews of Models Direct written in their own words. For more information about Models Direct visit their website or Facebook page. You can also read more Models Direct reviews here.


This weekends photo shoot for Level 39 was my first assignment, but I was with my wife Michele so I was not too nervous.  It was great fun!  The other models were really interesting and from diverse backgrounds.  We all got on really well and chatted easily which made any nerves disappear - it was more like hanging out with a bunch of friends.  The client was really friendly too and put everyone at ease.  The photographer was there but not there - you hardly noticed him and this also made the whole experience really relaxed.  I found that I gained lots of confidence throughout the day and I would definitely like to do similar work again.  Thank you!


A fabulous session, I did not anticipate just how enjoyable the experience would be. A few of us stayed behind because we got on so well!

The location had a spectacular view across London. The best part of it was getting paired up and then through just a natural flow of conversation with one another, the session had already got underway!
It was amazing because we were having a conversation with each other without realising that photos were being taken in the background.

Philip was just looking at a casual dining experience with a backdrop of the stunning views behind and various shot preparation of the mise-en place that was prepared for us on the tables.

We were asked to sit and talk at the small tables. Dishes and glasses of wine were then brought out to the tables from the lovely Sarah and we were then asked to keep a conversation going as much as possible. As simple as that!

We then went over to the larger round tables to accommodate for a larger group sitting and were asked to the same throughout with the person sitting next to us. We had a group meeting in one of the more contained private rooms where we asked to perform bodily and gestural type communication whilst paying attention to the lead person at the front when they were communicating back to us.

For Executive type work, I would recommend taking with you a change of clothes as there could be specific scenes required for certain ideas. Also, keeping to a clean, professional attitude throughout as well as paying attention to listening to further instructions from the photographer really helps. 

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