Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Burn Calories Effortlessly with Models Direct

Models Direct Review Simple Calorie Burning Tips

Models Direct are a leading UK-based modelling agency offering a dedicated service to all of its talent. Here are some tips on how to shed a few calories throughout the day without going to the gym!

Eating spicy foods raises your metabolism. When you sweat a little from a hot curry it’s an indication that your body is working harder, even when at rest, and that means its burning calories.
Models Direct
Models Direct

Waiting for a bus? Sitting in the doctor’s reception? Standing uses more energy than sitting, that doesn’t take a genius to work out! Stand, stretch a little, get your blood flowing and your metabolism active.

Sleep eight hours a night. The less sleep you have, the more fat your body lays away as it slips gradually into an exhausted state and tries to lay away energy to compensate. Sleeping enough and being comfortable during sleep can reduce the fat your body creates.

Get on top of the garden! In the age of rented flats and houses with little care given to the garden, an overgrown mess could be the perfect challenge to set yourself. With a little work, you can not only have a great place to enjoy your evenings but also grow some great healthy food that will add shine to your skin on your next modelling gig.

Watch this video to find out more about Models Direct.

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